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The Problem

Our Criminal "Injustice" System

The United States criminal legal system affects an extremely large portion of the nation’s population. Despite claims that this system is designed to promote rehabilitation rather than punishment, the following statistics reveal how justice-impacted individuals are an extremely marginalized group in the United States that face perpetual punishment and collateral consequences as a result of their criminal record.


As the population of returning citizens continues to grow, Out for Justice believes that it becomes society’s responsibility to provide the support necessary for them to overcome the stigma of being formerly incarcerated and transition successfully back into society.


This is especially important for minority populations such as women and African Americans, who are disproportionately affected by the negative impacts of a criminal record.


Through targeted policy reform campaigns, we can begin to change the legislation that limits justice-involved individuals’ ability to reintegrate into American society. Out for Justice believes that changing existing policies and practices surrounding re-entry is the best way to bring about comprehensive, sweeping reform in the criminal legal system.

The Statistics

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Want to Learn More?

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Stories from Our Incarcerated Citizens 

The reality of life behind the walls.

Our members, friends, and incarcerated families tend to get forgotten behind the walls. We want to change that and humanize our incarcerated brothers and sisters by providing an outlet and platform for their voices.

Hearing from them directly serves multiple purposes. It is a form of communication from a segregated population that is typically silenced or ignored. Additionally, it allows us on the outside to hear how we can help them, and lastly, those stories provide a perspective on how unfair practices in our penal system play out in a tangible way. 


Stay tuned for upcoming details!

Frontline Criminal Justice Issues for OFJ
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