Legislative Advocacy

What is Legislative Advocacy?

Educating about certain issues in order to influence the introduction, enactment, or modification of legislation.

Who Can Engage in Legislative Advocacy?

Any U.S. citizen, as it is your constitutional right to petition your government to ensure that it works to the benefit of its citizens.

Why Engage in Legislative Advocacy?

If you want to gain control of your agenda, community, and future, you must learn and influence the systems and policies that govern your daily life. Educating yourself about legislation and advocating for policy reform can bring about tangible, sweeping change in your life.

The vast majority of incarcerated people are held in facilities controlled by state and local governments.


Out for Justice is based in Baltimore, Maryland and advocates for reforms in both the local and state government in order to make the greatest impact in the lives of those impacted by the criminal justice system.


Common ways we engage in advocacy include educating lawmakers and community members and encouraging our members to participate in phone banking, letter writing, and lobby days. Since Maryland’s General Assembly is based in our state capital, Annapolis, we spend the annual legislative session mobilizing members, volunteers, and supporters to march in Annapolis and make justice-impacted citizens’ voices heard.

Our Process

Current Legislative Priorities

Past Legislative Victories

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