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Women's Pre-Release

Pre-release status is defined as “the lowest security level for inmates who present the least risk of violence or escape and have established an excellent record of acceptable behavior.” Individuals granted pre-release status may have access to the community for work release, special leave, compassionate leave, and family leave.


Currently, in the state of Maryland, men have NINE separate pre-release and minimum security facilities while women have ZERO. At the Maryland Correctional Institution for Women (MCI-W) in Jessup, Maryland, as many as 1 in 10 women have achieved pre-release status. However, as many as 30% of the women on pre-release status have not been assigned to a work opportunity.

Why Women's Pre-Release?

At MCI-W, women report fearing for their safety and lacking the services they need as they are planning for their future. MCI-W has a recent assault rate of 1 in 16, which is higher than the assault rate at both of the state-run pre-release facilities for men. Women at MCI-W also report feeling highly unprepared for re-entry, particularly with respect to housing and employment.  

Out for Justice firmly believes that incarcerated women in Maryland deserve a state-run pre-release facility that provides more services, opportunities, and safety while women prepare for reentry.

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