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Our Programs


Out For Justice fosters leadership through coaching formerly incarcerated and directly impacted individuals, our members, to become powerful advocates for change through the legislative process and in their lives and community.


We meet people where they are and invest in them. Centering the leadership, lived experience, and voices of the directly impacted are central to OFJ’s mission, and as a returning citizen-led and member-led Maryland grassroots organization, we seek to address and combat systemic barriers through community programming and advocacy.  

Voter Registration

& Education

Increasing voting knowledge and participation among individuals who are under-represented within the voting process, particularly those who are directly impacted by the legal system.

Voting in Election

Bail & Legal Facilitation


Facilitating the release of individuals through payment of bail or home detention fees and other advocacy efforts. Advocating on behalf of the directly impacted or their families for fair legal counsel and implementation of procedures and policies.


Legislative Advocacy 

& Training

Training and opportunities that equip and encourage members in the community and behind the walls to transform their experiences into policy reform.


Rapid Response & Resource Connection

Supporting individuals who are directly impacted by the legal system through peer mentorship, donated supplies, referrals to local direct service providers, and providing education surrounding the assertion of one’s rights while navigating the legal system and reentry. 

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