Our Team

Our diverse team is comprised of staff, volunteers, and members that are passionate about inciting tangible change in Maryland’s criminal justice system.


Meet them below. 

Executive Director


Executive Director

Nicole Hanson is an expert on criminal justice policy and reentry in Maryland. She currently serves as the Executive Director of Out for Justice, a returning citizen, a member-led nonprofit organization working to reform local and statewide reentry policies. Nicole leads Out for Justice by advancing its mission to engage, educate and empower those with criminal records to lead the change they want to see. In this role, she has organized large-scale expungement events and clinics registered to return citizens to vote supported high-risk individuals in navigating life after release and collaborated with Morgan State University to conduct a reentry health needs assessment research project in Baltimore City.

Operations Administrator

Tresa Brown

Chief Administrator

Tresa Brown, originally from Baltimore, has lived and worked in Richmond, Virginia for the past several years. She is a graduate of George Mason University with a Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics and received her Master’s degree in April 2019 from Walden University in Higher Education. Tresa has over four years of experience working with youth in the K-12 setting. She previously served as a middle school site coordinator on Richmond’s East End and served as an after-school community center teacher for second and third grade students. She currently works with Baltimore City high school students to adequately prepare them for their collegiate endeavors. She can be contacted at tresa@out4justice.org.

Voting Outreach Coordinator

Bobby Perkins

Voter Registration & Education Coordinator

Bobby is a native of Washington D.C. After decades of physical incarceration, he decided that he wanted to be a giver to his community instead of taking. Being involved with Out for Justice, and eventually taking on the role of the voter registration and education coordinator, gave him the opportunity to give back to his community. He canbe contacted at bobbyperkins@out4justice.org

 Research Fellow

Elaina McWilliams

OFJ Volunteer Researcher

Elaina is a volunteer researcher who began working with Out for Justice in 2018. She assists with policy research, data collection, and direct service program planning. For several years, Elaina was a licensed social worker who provided mental health counseling and connected individuals to community resources in Baltimore City. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in community psychology and UMBC. She can be contacted at elaina@out4justice.org.