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Meet The Team

Our diverse team is comprised of staff, volunteers, and members that are passionate about inciting tangible change in Maryland’s criminal legal system.


Meet them below... 

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Trina Selden,

Founder & Executive Director

Trina Selden, the visionary Founder of Out For Justice, Inc., and Executive Director from 2011 through 2014, has dedicated her life to empowering the marginalized and voiceless, providing them with the tools and knowledge to advocate for themselves.


Her academic journey in Criminal Justice, specifically in Human Services, complements her passion for social justice. Currently, she is enhancing her expertise by pursuing a Master’s in Management, focusing on Organizational and Leadership Change.

Trina envisions Out For Justice, Inc. as a pioneering state model that not only restores a voice to the voiceless but also pioneers a system where those affected by the criminal justice system lead the advocacy for transformative change. Beyond her professional endeavors, Trina cherishes moments with family and friends, revels in the rhythms of house music, and finds solace in quiet reflection, nature walks, and continuous personal growth.

Dwan Burton,
Deputy Director

Dwan Burton has experience ranging from grassroots advocacy to federal-level initiatives, earning degrees in Political Science and Information and Telecommunication Systems.  She has used her experience to drive change.


Dwan has shown dedication & innovation in empowering marginalized and justice-impacted communities. Collaborating and learning from local and national advocacy groups, she has cultivated a vast understanding of social change, leveraging collective wisdom to create sustainable change through organizing and advocacy. 


At her core lies a deep-rooted belief in justice and equality, evident in her advocacy for process improvement and equitable access for minority and formerly incarcerated populations. In her tenure at Out For Justice, she has excelled in diverse roles, from development to stakeholder engagement, and program implementation to process optimization, always demonstrating unwavering dedication. As Deputy Director, she is determined to propel the organization's mission of empowerment and equitable access forward.

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