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Bail & Legal

We are committed to ending unnecessary pretrial detention, which disproportionately deprives women of color of their freedom and ability to care for their families.

Bail Out & Legal Support

Often those who are affected by adversity feel powerless to change their situation. At Out For Justice, we want to change that narrative.  Because those are the individuals uniquely positioned to have the greatest impact, those closest to the issue are typically closest to the solution.

​Out For Justice advocates and facilitates the release from detention of community members; additionally, we raise funds to secure the bail and release of individuals in the pre-trial status who cannot afford bail.  We work with lawyers to advocate and negotiate the release of members so that members can be with their families and engage in the preparation for their legal cases. 

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By providing the infrastructure and instruction, we empower the community directly impacted. After we ENGAGE our members through dialogue and offer compassion for what they are currently experiencing, we then EDUCATE them about the legalities surrounding their situation and help them learn the very system that is hindering them. It all comes full circle when they are EMPOWERED to do something about it.  Ensuring that our voices, from the impacted community, are at the center of policy reform that affects us, ensures that we can shape the practices and policies that effectively support our successful reentry.  

Participatory Defense

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We meet virtually to offer support, information, and guidance each step of the way weekly.

Thursdays at 7:00 PM.

Contact us for the Zoom link.

(Community members supporting their loved ones behind the walls are asked to attend on behalf of their loved ones.)

Out For Justice members and community members seeking bail, release facilitation or legal navigation support and advocacy are required to actively engage in Participatory Defense (PD) through our partnership with Life After Release's Community Defense PG hub and attend regular meetings. 

Our community of legal practitioners offers a supportive network of families experiencing the same harm, and a safe space to share stories, seek advice and support, and get connected to resources. We work with loved ones behind the walls and their family advocates to identify avenues to fight for their loved ones and utilize participatory defense strategies like:  

  • review court material, 

  • write letters of support,

  • create a social bio packet,

  • create a video, 

  • build family support, 

  • build court attendance for bail hearings, probation negotiations, trial and sentencing hearings,

  • build community support utilizing organizing skills,

  • build rapport with the public defender or panel attorney to discuss strategy,

  • provide relevant questions,

  • engage in research,

  • identify expert witnesses,

  • and assist in preparing the individual for a court appearance.

Bi-Weekly Legal Clinics

Out For Justice holds members-only legal clinics at our office in partnership with Baltimore Action Legal Team (BALT) every other Wednesday from 1-3 PM.  This is one of the many membership benefits where members can receive free legal support for warrant recalls and expungements.  

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