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Rapid Response

Resource Connection

Although Out for Justice is not a direct service organization, we acknowledge that it often takes time for policy reform and legislation to manifest into tangible changes for returning citizens. Because of this, we provide our own programs and resources to ensure our members’ successful reintegration into society.

Through our Rapid Response program, Out For Justice assists our returning loved ones in obtaining the necessary structure, support, and additional opportunities that are fundamental for successful reintegration into the community.

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Based on the available funding, the program offers the following key services:

  • Guidance and accountability

  • An individualized personal development plan 

  • Case management 

  • Housing assistance

  • Employment resources and referrals

  • Education assistance

  • Legal assistance and advocacy

  • Benefits assessment and reinstatement assistance

  • Substance abuse and mental health linkage

  • Treatment referral and linkage

  • Assistance with State Identification & Driver’s license

DMV Mama's Day Bailout

The DMV Mama's Bail Out is a national collective of organizations that work to bail out or facilitate release and provide wraparound services to those released women.  Out for Justice serves as the hub for the Baltimore arm of the DMV Mama's Bail Out. In 2019, we were able to bail out, facilitate the release of, and/or provide housing and financial assistance to over 30 individuals due to $25,000 raised by a community fundraiser.

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