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Voter Outreach & Education

Out for Justice is committed to increasing voting knowledge and participation among individuals who are under-represented within the voting process, particularly those who are directly impacted by the legal system.

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Voting Campaign

After playing an integral role in passing legislation in 2015 that restored voting rights to 40,000 formerly incarcerated Marylanders, OFJ continues to work to implement this legislation by providing voter education, voter registration, and bringing returning citizens to the polls during major elections by: ​

  • Registering returning citizens at various probation and parole sites statewide

  • Registering individuals with misdemeanor convictions and those on pre-trial

  • Creating public awareness campaigns like our #ValueMyVote campaign   

  • Providing rides to the polls and bringing people to poll parties 

  • Creating and manning a hotline for folks behind the walls to discuss any issues with exercising their right to vote

Watch The "Out To Vote" Documentary
Following OFJ and the Barriers of the 2020 Election & Voting Efforts

"Set in Baltimore in the runup to the 2020 US Presidential Election, the documentary follows formerly incarcerated individuals who have become leaders for democracy and voting advocacy in their community. Nicole Hanson-Mundell and Bobby Perkins of Out for Justice and Monica Cooper of the Maryland Justice Project are featured as they engage marginalized citizens who have been led to believe either that their vote does not matter or that they would not be welcome at the polls."

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Maryland Voting History

  • Register individuals to vote at parole and probation offices, during door-to-door voter outreach, and community resource events statewide and in the OFJ office

  • Speak to and submit PIA requests to the Maryland Board of Elections and Maryland Department of Corrections to ensure they are providing voter registration and votting access to eligible voters to include all county jails.


  • Phone bank to encourage voting and offer voting access, transportation and assistance as needed

  • Host civic engagement events to encourage attention to elections and voter participation

  • Our 2020 “Value My Vote” campaign led to the Maryland State Board of Elections (for the first time) affirmatively providing detainees in local jails materials to register to vote and cast their ballots. We assisted with mailing over 5,000 packets to 21 detention centers.

Promotion &

  • Distribute voter education materials in-person and by mail to eligible voters who are currently or formerly incarcerated

  • Create & distribute voting-related PSAs through various media sources

  • Led a statewide coalition of over 26 organizations that advocate for voting rights for individuals convicted of felonies

Outreach &

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